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Hello hello, my name is Yulia .
I would like to share with everyone the beauty of nature, which I’m expressing on canvas and doing my best to express as much as I can- how is amazing the nature …
I remember my self drawing since my
childhood, the first thing that comes in my mind is drawing and painting activities every times.
At the school I having very good art results, and doing art homework for other persons in my class with happy mood 😍. My teachers , parents and friends recognizing my still hand and  encouraged me that I have a talent and used to express my feelings through my paintings.
Basic techniques of art I learned in the Art National School in Russia .
I was study for graphic , watercolor design and  draftsmanship.
Later I was  luck to apprenticed with the great master in Dubai ( thanks to hem ) and improved my skills and vision for the free art .
Since last 15 years I’m working only with oil painting and sometimes acrylic colors . When i worked many companies, I was hade less time for art work, but now I’m free for art and many many beautiful ideas in my mind …
My ambition pushed me to work on Animal World  subject . My painting takes more times and important place in my life. Creativity always helping me for each new step, and my travels gives me many ideas, sight and motivation for my artwork.
I’m  artists which Is love nature and right now my collection is growing in nature still. I wish and dream to be more and more professional about my art and be so happy to share with everyone my feelings to the beauty of nature…
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Visual artist in Dubai


When I remember my childhood, the first thing that comes in my mind is drawing and painting activities with my parents, my brother and my sister. It was a serious work beside classic school duty. Paper, pencils and other material were available everywhere at home. Of course it was so fun when we used to compare our “masterpieces”!

At school I remember having pretty good results. My teachers, hopefully, encouraged me. While I grew up, opportunities for drawing competitions made me get trust in me. It became definitely a kind of therapy. Rather shy, I used to express my feelings through my paintings. Fortunately, people appreciated my work and often showed me that I had minimum talent to hang and keep practicing seriously. Basic techniques were necessary. I took courses in order to enhance my abilities.

Once we became adults, my sister and I decided to participate to exhibitions.
These kinds of experiences were so constructive. In December 2006 we organized an exhibition called “triangular pallet” with our mother. It will stay a memorable period.


Before this event, I participated to three exhibitions in 2005, another one in 2006 and two in 2008. My painting style evolved considerably. I slowly slipped towards acrylic technique on canvas. My ambition pushed me to work on large sizes frames. They had a large success. Today, I feel more mature; I am more convinced that painting must take an important place in my life. It is question of inward balance and ambition. I am ready to work hard in order to enhance quality of my artworks. I plan to work with special themes and create collections.

Arts and painting are still an efficient therapy whatever my life would be.




« Transparence » : exhibition at the Sofitel – February 2005

Group exhibition at palais de la culture KOUBA – mars 2005

« Harmonie » at DAR EL YAKOUT – Algeria – December 2005

Group exhibition at gallery SAMSOM ThĂ©Ăątre de verdure – Algeria – March 2006

« FEMME » – Solo exhibition at Asilah – Morroco –July 2007

« ÉphĂ©mĂšre »– Solo Exhibition at Lyon – France – October 2007

« Salon d’automne » January 2008

« Seul(e) » – solo exhibition Skifa HYDRA – Algeria – April 2008

« Les Femmes de la mĂ©diterranĂ©e » – Group Exhibition (Lions Club) – Tunisia – January 2009

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