Artist Mona Mohamed Ali from the Kingdom of Bahrain

Mona Mohamed Ali from Kingdom of Bahrain


I’m a Fine Art and a Digital Art Artist I have works on both mediums but I will Participate with two of my Digital Art works.

You can vision my art on my INSTAGRAM account xmonartx

For any request or details please get in touch

Art director , designer, calligrapher from Bahrain

Ebrahim Jaffar , From Bahrain , 26 years old.


I got many hobbies such as Designing, Painting, Interior Design , Photography and anything related to Art. since I was young at the age of tea I used to like designing and I used to practice it from time to time , and now I’m working in one of the biggest Advertising companies called DaDeDo and at the same time I work as a freelancer with many other companies.


Contact info
Ebrahim Jaffar Ebrahim
Mobile: +973 399 667 16