Karine Roche, French artist in Abu Dhabi

Born in 1977, in France, lives and works in Abu Dhabi since 2009.

Karine Roche graduated from spatial design from the college of applied arts and crafts Olivier de Serres in Paris in 1999.

In UAE, she has exhibited at the Sharjah Art Museum in January and August 2014. in Abu Dhabi with the institut Francais in 2013 and in 2011 at the National theater.

PrismaticCity 380-180cm

Her artworks are represented by Art Sawa gallery (Dubai) with a first solo exhibition in 2011 Prismatic City and a second one in DIFC in 2013, Chromatic Landscape. she teaches painting in Adach (Abu Dhabi authorities for culture and heritage).

Since 2004, her work is represented by Catherine et André Hug gallery in Paris and she is working with the Unesco’s editions in postcards creation. Since 2008, she also exhibits at Suty Gallery near Paris. In 2009, she has participated in Munich “Kunst im Karre” with a personal exhibition.
In 2010, Alice Mogabgab Gallery in Beirut has presented her work during a collective exhibition. Karine Roche participates in various contemporary art fair such as Art Paris, Star’t Strasbourg, Lille Art Fair, Art Elysées and Slick.
Her paintings are part of municipalities’ collections of Vitry-sur-Seine and Strasbourg in France. Her artworks are also part of the collection of the Museum Lake in Hangzhou, China and the Colas Foundation in France. She has been awarded in 2003 by receiving the painting prize of the town of Vitry-sur-Seine and awarded in 2005 by the Colas Foundation.

Vertical blue'

The nature and the city, vegetation and architecture, flora and fauna urban are source of inspiration. These themes serve as a pretext to experiment forms of graphic network and colorful harmonies in human constructions associated with organic forms of plant or processing a simple vegetal view into a jungle fantasy. The choice of a single theme allow to forget about the subject in order to focus only on the painting itself. We are coming from the nature and so is our habitat. City and architecture are the nature, there is no opposition…

City lines and those of the vegetal world are multiples. Their combinations are infinites. Labyrinthine landscapes and urban structures are representing a globalized city. Before being a final image,  the canvas is an abstract thought where forms are only lines, materials and colors. Doors and windows are white squares on a blue background and the canvas does not express a clear idea but more of an impression: The city, cities, noise, people behind the colors, flows and networks, accumulation of activities that is giving stun sensations. Lines are crossing to end up lost in a ghost horizon. Perspectives lines are false and buildings incomplete, the city is an expanding universe going beyond the framework.

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website:  http://www.karine-roche.com/




Art Yulia in Dubai


Hello hello, my name is Yulia .
I would like to share with everyone the beauty of nature, which I’m expressing on canvas and doing my best to express as much as I can- how is amazing the nature …
I remember my self drawing since my
childhood, the first thing that comes in my mind is drawing and painting activities every times.
At the school I having very good art results, and doing art homework for other persons in my class with happy mood 😍. My teachers , parents and friends recognizing my still hand and  encouraged me that I have a talent and used to express my feelings through my paintings.
Basic techniques of art I learned in the Art National School in Russia .
I was study for graphic , watercolor design and  draftsmanship.
Later I was  luck to apprenticed with the great master in Dubai ( thanks to hem ) and improved my skills and vision for the free art .
Since last 15 years I’m working only with oil painting and sometimes acrylic colors . When i worked many companies, I was hade less time for art work, but now I’m free for art and many many beautiful ideas in my mind …
My ambition pushed me to work on Animal World  subject . My painting takes more times and important place in my life. Creativity always helping me for each new step, and my travels gives me many ideas, sight and motivation for my artwork.
I’m  artists which Is love nature and right now my collection is growing in nature still. I wish and dream to be more and more professional about my art and be so happy to share with everyone my feelings to the beauty of nature…
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Instagram: art.d.yulia

Jacqueline Craig French artist in Abu Dhabi

IMG_7376_sRGBJacqueline Craig is a French artist based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Her paintings feature her preferred leitmotif, the Hand of Fatima and she combines acrylics with collage and stencil work to create each painting. Her emphasis on  pattern and symbols give her work many layers and she also includes references to Arabic writing and calligraphy.

Get in touch for information:

Mobile phone: 0557262605

Email : craigjacqueline@hotmail.com


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Laila Sahrai afghani Fine Arts artist

Laila Sahrai

Laila Sahrai is a Fine Arts artist born in Kabul/Afghanistan in 1975. She is living in Germany.


2002 – 2007 Study of Fine Arts (Painting, drawing, Graphic) on the “Academy of Visual arts” in Enschede/NL

Since 2007 Free Artist


Since 1999 continuous exhibitions on National level Publications (extract) –
Aki Eindexamenkatalogus 2007 (NL 2007) -Sahrai Malereien & Zeichnungen (Leipzig/Köln 2010) –
Künstlerische Vielfalt in Leipzig, eine Dokumentation (Leipzig 2013) –
International Contemporary Artists Vol. VIII ( New York, USA 2014)


Websites with her works:








FawazO art Director, artist, designer in Bahrein

Art Director, Artist, Designer, Musician, à Fawaz AlOlaiwat Studio et Dj/Producer/Promoter, à TEKNOBASSO


Fourteen years on with experience in the design market and with clients like “HP, PUMA, CocaCola, Bahrain F1, MadinaB, Gulf Air, Elham, ArabianTaxi & much more”, FawazO gained a corporate angle to strategic branding communications, Corporate identities, web design, print, packaging, environmental design and more. True to this dream, he has continued to produce designs, illustrations and graphic art pieces to jump out of his walls, diving and driving beyond boundaries.


As an award winning artist FawazO has attracted an international appeal, he has spread his art through the virtual arena, and now displays several paintings in galleries abroad (including Denmark and Dubai). Acclaimed, appreciated, and still humble, FawazO expresses suppression, love, romance, peace, and the will to be free in his digital creations. He tells his art in layers, in textures, in meaningful colors. He forms his art to tell a story, to spark imagination, to awaken curiosity, to ignite passion. Refusing to be tied down by someone else’s rules, FawazO went on to establish himself independently as a freelance designer. Most recent in his portfolio is a wide collection of Corporate Identities, and Brand Developments. His love for creativity has also inspired him to produce Corporate Art, or as the Artist labels it “BrandArt”. FawazO designs exclusive Art Work for companies; using their brand and culture to create unique pieces of art that speak out to the consumers.

In 2006, he was selected by creativepublic.com as one of the top 10 designers, also winning several web awards. His most recent acknowledgement from ArtBistro.com, awarded in August 2008, is the “Featured Portfolio Award”. Plus winning 3 art awards from Yayart.com. FawazO has recently ventured in merchandising and t-shirt design, his online store @ zazzle.com has received a number of awards and a fan base in a very short time. He is currently working designs for a number of international brands.

FawazO is an entrepreneur by heart. He likes to venture in new projects, concepts and ideas, on his own and with fellow artists. His other hobbies are writing, photography, comics, graphic novels And he’s a collector!



Persian artist Roya Mohit



Roya Mohit is a Persian artist born in Tehran in 1963.

She learns the Art of Persian Miniature with the famous Ostaad Ahmari. After her arrival in Paris, she pursues her Art tinting the Persian traditional Art of a Western look. Her last masterpieces are portraits on pebbles using acrylic paint and mineral colors.


The accessories are in gold leaf. “I love the pebbles, their shapes, the simplicity of their lines and their raw colors. I admire them, assemble them. Their shapes remind me of clouds which we admire from the grass, unique pieces. By dint of admiration, they take shapes fed by our imagination..


. Shapes of faces! I am inspired by their uniqueness to give them life. Their curves are the only limits to the outlines of their faces. Their shapes reflect their history, that I keep immortal from the tip of my brush. These pebbles represent nature, essential element to the Persian Art. Nature becomes the canvas. Pebbles have a soul.

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