Anjum Rana presenting the tribal Pakistani Truck Art

The exuberant and flamboyant style Pakistani Truck Art is a legitimate and distinct folk art, which represents the values and aspirations of vast majorities of ordinary truck drivers and artists especially from the mountainous tribal areas in the Northern part of the country.

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Anjum Rana represents the new Pakistani woman entrepreneurial and creative with an eye for the extraordinary in ordinary everyday life. She has made it her goal to bring this art into the mainstream, into our homes, and give it the recognition it so richly deserves.
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It is this discerning eye that has always made her appreciate what most of us dismiss or even ridicule or take for granted at best.

Anjum Rana has employed master truck painters and directs them in painting their richly textured motifs on everyday objects such as kettles, lanterns, oil-lamps, boxes garden furniture, walls, fans and object d’art.

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Many of these painters were giving up this art due to a lack of patronage as modern photo-printed advertisements on buses and vans become more popular. Some Master Artisans were unable to continue painting since climbing these buses becomes physically challenging due to age. Now, they are able to paint and train apprentices due to this new arena developed by Tribal Truck Arts initiative.

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The team conducts workshops where painters demonstrate on board and the students attending the workshop then copy the work on objects .This is done with mostly children above the age of 15 years and above.



Rana anjum explains to them what each motif means and its significance in truck art while the painters walk around and show each person how to paint in this unique form .



in Glasgow ,London,Santa Fe, Amman, Beirut, Kolkotta ,Chennai , Delhi , Jaipur .Recently held shows in Jakarta ,Indonesia ,promoted by Pakistan Embassy Indonesia and Unesco

Below pictures taken in Indonesia





Tribal truck art was featured in MEA, inflight magazine for three months in 2012.

The Royal family of Jordan was very encouraging and we had many orders to paint over furniture and other items for them .

Tribal Truck can perform any kind of art from the wall painting to the Christmas decorations


Jean Francois Lesage a famous Parisian embroiderer ordered five types of figures to be made in steel and reflector tape which is another art form used in decorating trucks , We got a message from Christian Loubiton that he was very happy to see the pieces .

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This wonderful, handmade, one-of-a kind item is an example of truck art rooted in our cultural tradition. Tribal Truck Art has made a positive impact on the life of the artists and their families.

We at Tribal Truck Art hope that you will give us the opportunity to show truck art as an art form as well as a vehicle for positive change.
The mission of Tribal Truck Art is to foster economic and cultural sustainability for truck artists and truck art worldwide, and to create intercultural exchange opportunities that unite the people of the world.

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In 2015 the team was performing in Paris check the link


tel in Pakistan 00923008265388
or 00922135854304


Abdelghani Filali Baba calligrapher from Marocco


A great artist and calligrapher who travels around the world presenting Arabic calligraphy which describes the generosity of the people of Morocco.


Abdelghani FILALI BABA, Artist impassioned by the drawing of the Arabic letter, born in Fes.
and has always been fascinated by the beautiful hand writing since his childhood.
The Arabic calligraphy exists before the Islam. Based on each style, we can find five to six derives. Notice, we can draw the twenty eight Arabic alphabet letters based on fifty thousand geometric forms. These forms used to be used by the olden architect in order to build historical monuments.
The calligraphy is an art because we say the drawing of the letter; is a science because there are technical terms. It is the writing of the culture and of the knowledge.

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Ali Pasandideh Iranian calligrapher

Ali Pasandideh is an Iranian artist born in 1978. He is instructor of the Iran Calligraphers Association.
He is highly interested to be known and recognized in France. His experience is the following:


1999 : Beginning of active membership in Iran Calligraphers Association (Mashhad Branch)
2003 : Granted the Premium grade of Iran Calligraphers Association
2005 : Pass the instructor exam of Iran Calligraphers Association
(Mashhad Branch)
2007 : Beginning of teaching in Iran Calligraphers Association
(Mashhad Branch)
2008 : Secretary of the Calligraphy festival in Sarakhs
2011 : Granted the super Premium grade of Iran Calligraphers Association
2012 : Teaching a course of calligraphy in Persian Language Center,Ankara(Turkey)
The head of Iran Calligraphers Association (Sarakhs Branch)for a year and a half
Member of Iran Development of Art Institute
The Masters : Ali Jaferi , Alireza Kadkhodaei


A Number Of Collective Exhibitions :
2002 . Tehran . The Second International Islamic world Calligraphers (Art Cultural Center)
2002 .Tehran . The fourth cultural and artistic festival “Tarigh-e Javid” (Tehran University)
2003 . Sari (Iran) . The second great Calligraphy festival of the north of Iran
(Helal Ahmar Auditorium)
2003 . Mashhad (Iran) . The first cultural and artistic festival of Imam Reza
(Khorasan’s International Exhibition)
2004 . Mashhad . The first Calligraphy festival (Imam Reza’s Cultural and Artistic Complex)
2005 . Mashhad . The first Ramazan’s festival (Khorasan’s International Fair)
2005 . Mashhad . The first festival of Paradise City (Behesht Art House)
* Success in obtaining the first place in Nastaligh competition in this festival
2006 . Mashhad . Mim-e khatam Calligraphy festival,Iran Calligraphers Association (Mashhad Branch)
2008 . Mashhad . The second Calligraphy festival (Imam Reza’s Cultural and Artistic Complex)
2008 . Sarakhs (Iran) . Calligraphy festival of Sarakhs (Srakhs Culture and Islamic Guidance Department)
2008 . Karachi (Pakistan) . Exhibition of Mashhad Calligraphers (20 works)
2010 . Ghazvin (Iran) . Iran’s first biennial international Calligraphy festival(Amir Kabir Culture House)
2010 . Mashhad . Mashhad Calligraphers Association Members and instructors presentation (Mirak Art Gallery)
2011 . Yazd (Iran) . The ninth Calligraphy festival of Rezvan
2014 . Ankara (Turkey) . Zafar Charshysi Exhibition Hall


Individual Exhibitions :
2004 . Mashhad . « Ketabathay-e Qurani » . Mirak Art Gallery
2004 . Gorgan (Iran) . « Quran-e Majid » . Fakhr al-Din Asad Gorgani’s Auditorium
2007 . Mashhad . « Iran Zamin » . Mashhad University Jahad’s Culture House
2007 . Sarakhs . « Kakh-e Erfan » . Iran Calligraphers Association (Sarakhs Branch)
2010 . Mashhad . « Negarineha » . Mirak Art Gallery
2010 . Mashhad . « Mehregan » . Mashhad University Jahad’s Culture House
2012 . Ankara (Turkey) . Persian Language Center
2013 . Ankara (Turkey) . Zafar Charshysi Exhibition Hall
2014 . Mashhad . « Ansoy-e Rang » . Tavan Yaban complexes
2014 . Mashhad . « Dochar » . Soltanali Mashhadi Gallery

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Facebook :
Google+ :
LinkedIn :


GULDUSI embroideries from Afghanistan (Project DAI/Pascale Goldenberg)


We have the great pleasure to present an interesting cultural hand embroideries project from the German-Afghan initiative (DAI) in V.Freiburg under the administration of a wonderful French woman Pascale Goldenberg born in Paris and living in Freiburg Brisgau with her family.

She is an artist, writer, geologist, humanitarian, professional in the textile field, managing and attending textile and hand made embroideries exhibitions in Europe and on another side traveling to villages in Afghanistan despite numerous security matters in order to deal herself with the local women embroiderers …

This project has born 10 years ago it is named GULDUSI

In Farsi and in Paschto as well – the two official languages in Afghanistan – ‘gul’ means flower, and in Farsi ‘dusi’ means embroidery.
The term ‘guldusi’ is used by the women for all kinds of hand made embroideries or types of embroideries, thus for embroidery in general. Therefore they chose the name GULDUSI for their website. The idea of the project is

Linking Afghan culture with the rest of the world

Their website presents two embroidery projects in Afghanistan.

Many of the women living in rural areas of Afghanistan are highly skilled hand made embroiderers. The aim is to provide opportunities for them to generate an income using their embroidery skills and at the same time hope these projects will help to safeguard traditional hand embroidery skills from disappearing.

The concept is to help these small works of art to become known beyond Afghanistan, to be liked, get inspired by and purchased. When people in other parts of the world incorporate these hand embroideries into their own textile work, two cultures become connected.

While many of the hand made embroiderers in the villages are aware that they are part of a larger world, they have a strong sense of their own national identity reflected in the appearance of maps and flags among the images. Looking at the work the visitor learns about the colors of the Afghan flag and how the name of the country is spelled in Farsi.

The villages in Laghmani:


Laghmani consists of a group of several villages and is located approximately 60 km north of Kabul in the Shomali plains in Parwan province. The DAI has been supporting projects in the Shomali plains since 2002, including a women’s center in Laghmani hat offers widows six months courses in dressmaking and sewing. The hand embroidery project was developed within this project.


In 2003, two women who still practiced hand embroidery were employed as teachers for six months offering other interested women the opportunity to learn or refresh the skills. Since then, the women have been embroidering at home in their yards. Their brief was to embroider small squares (8cm x 8cm) with motifs and colours of their choice. Materials (fabrics and embroidery threads) were provided.

In 2004 the first cloth filled with embroidered squares arrived in Freiburg.


In 2005, Pascale G. undertook her first journey to Afghanistan to meet the women.

Find out more about the development of the project in recent years in the travel reports.

All the info on the website
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Bashar Haddad Arabic painter in the UAE


Bashar Haddad is an open-minded Arabic painter living in the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi. He performed higher studies in Jordan, traveled around the world and discovered different cultures…


Following to different strong and sometimes painful life experiences he became closer to the nature realizing the value of life and finding the essential purposes of the existence, appreciating the simple things and seing time as a blessing… his personal experience led him to paint and find peace and joy in colors.

bashar Haddad only spends a month of each year on vacations, the other eleven months he deals with colors and any kind of materials… he learned to play the Arabic guitar”OUD”, carpentry and sculpture as well, this is
the way he appreciates life, enjoys, creates and learn every day, takes himself back to moments and dream of nature where his spirit belongs.


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Shahla Armin Iranian painter

Shahlah Armin is born in Teheran (Iran) and has 25 years experience in the artistic field.


She performed 8 solo/ individual exhibitions( one exhibition about stone painting in Tehran (2010)) and many group exhibition in Iran and abroad.The Teheran contemporary art museum, Teheran municipality, the bank Pasargard,Niyaran cultural centre and private buyers have purchased her art.. one of her work is presented in the Cite des Arts in paris as well !


exhibition in France (Paris)
2004- exhibition at the Municipaity of Paris 6
2007-exhibition in the gallery Cite internationale des arts Paris
2006 – 2007 selected 2 times for exhibition in Washington


1996 Tehran contemporary art museum biannual
1998-Tehran contemporary art museum biannual
2006 Tehran contemporary art museum
2006-workshop of Tehran contemporary art museum
2006- the fourth international painting biannual
2007-participated at expo niyavaran art center
2007- participated at Iranian spring Tehran museum of contemporary
2007-the Big Sale of paintings and sculptures-Fine Art Gallery, Sadabad cultural historic complex
2008-the 7th national biennual of Iranian contemporary Saba cultural & artistic institute
2008-the great painting exhibition society of Iranian painters
2007&2008-participated at the greatest art show of the year
and another exhibitions professional with groups in Tehran
2008- Participated in groups exhibition Niyavaran art
2009-participated at art expo in Tehran
2010-solo exhibition at Aria stone painting
2014 -house of Iranian artists in Tehran
2014-with art collect Iran -Qasr Museum Tehran Iran
2014-group exhibition house of Iranian artists sacred secrets

would you please take a look at her art works at

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Art director , designer, calligrapher from Bahrain

Ebrahim Jaffar , From Bahrain , 26 years old.


I got many hobbies such as Designing, Painting, Interior Design , Photography and anything related to Art. since I was young at the age of tea I used to like designing and I used to practice it from time to time , and now I’m working in one of the biggest Advertising companies called DaDeDo and at the same time I work as a freelancer with many other companies.


Contact info
Ebrahim Jaffar Ebrahim
Mobile: +973 399 667 16