French artist, painter, art teacher and Virtual Reality painter in Dubai

Cathy Deniset is a French artist, painter, art teacher, speed painter and Virtual Reality painter performer,

based in Dubai since 2007. She is expressing on each art piece her passion, sensibility and her brightness.

BRING YOUR EVENTS IN OTHER WORLDS, Cathy is available for any kind of events, portraits or live painting in UAE.

The technology used:
The best world’s best VR headset offers fantastical experiences with HD resolution for giant screens.
3D Technology unleash possibilities and point of views to impress and warranty the WOW effect.

DISCOVER : A world-premiere collaboration between art and technology on stage.

A plug and play set-up for an exclusive live performance from a world class artist.


Fiabci DWTC:
Shiseido VR performance:
Merry Christmas in VR
VR repetition at home:
VR creation synched with music:

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tel : +971 50 950 17 99

Karine Roche, French artist in Abu Dhabi

Born in 1977, in France, lives and works in Abu Dhabi since 2009.

Karine Roche graduated from spatial design from the college of applied arts and crafts Olivier de Serres in Paris in 1999.

In UAE, she has exhibited at the Sharjah Art Museum in January and August 2014. in Abu Dhabi with the institut Francais in 2013 and in 2011 at the National theater.

PrismaticCity 380-180cm

Her artworks are represented by Art Sawa gallery (Dubai) with a first solo exhibition in 2011 Prismatic City and a second one in DIFC in 2013, Chromatic Landscape. she teaches painting in Adach (Abu Dhabi authorities for culture and heritage).

Since 2004, her work is represented by Catherine et André Hug gallery in Paris and she is working with the Unesco’s editions in postcards creation. Since 2008, she also exhibits at Suty Gallery near Paris. In 2009, she has participated in Munich “Kunst im Karre” with a personal exhibition.
In 2010, Alice Mogabgab Gallery in Beirut has presented her work during a collective exhibition. Karine Roche participates in various contemporary art fair such as Art Paris, Star’t Strasbourg, Lille Art Fair, Art Elysées and Slick.
Her paintings are part of municipalities’ collections of Vitry-sur-Seine and Strasbourg in France. Her artworks are also part of the collection of the Museum Lake in Hangzhou, China and the Colas Foundation in France. She has been awarded in 2003 by receiving the painting prize of the town of Vitry-sur-Seine and awarded in 2005 by the Colas Foundation.

Vertical blue'

The nature and the city, vegetation and architecture, flora and fauna urban are source of inspiration. These themes serve as a pretext to experiment forms of graphic network and colorful harmonies in human constructions associated with organic forms of plant or processing a simple vegetal view into a jungle fantasy. The choice of a single theme allow to forget about the subject in order to focus only on the painting itself. We are coming from the nature and so is our habitat. City and architecture are the nature, there is no opposition…

City lines and those of the vegetal world are multiples. Their combinations are infinites. Labyrinthine landscapes and urban structures are representing a globalized city. Before being a final image,  the canvas is an abstract thought where forms are only lines, materials and colors. Doors and windows are white squares on a blue background and the canvas does not express a clear idea but more of an impression: The city, cities, noise, people behind the colors, flows and networks, accumulation of activities that is giving stun sensations. Lines are crossing to end up lost in a ghost horizon. Perspectives lines are false and buildings incomplete, the city is an expanding universe going beyond the framework.

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UAE murals, American artist in Abu Dhabi


Maria Hegedus is an American artist who has been living in Abu Dhabi, UAE since March 2013.

In the States, Maria painted murals for small businesses and residential clients as well. Upon moving to UAE, she decided to pursue not only a mural business, but to focus on fine art paintings and affordable prints as well.

She has completed several large-scale murals in Abu Dhabi ranging from residential villas, private schools, and most publicly – Dalma Mall, Mussafah. She has exhibited with Abu Dhabi Art Hub for American Art Month in July 2013, and displayed in ADNEC as well.

Murals will always be a passion, but canvases and prints make wonderful “souvenirs” for expats living here, or locals who are proud of their country’s culture.


Many expats purchase commissioned paintings and prints to send family at home, or to enjoy themselves as a memory of UAE that will last a lifetime! Maria enjoys using acrylic and adding touches of gold leaf to some paintings. Watercolor is another wonderful medium she enjoys and was truly her “first love” when it comes to art! She enjoys commissioned pieces and finds it very rewarding to work closely with a client to make their vision of art come to life! Some clients know EXACTLY what they want – others only offer a vague emotion or subject matter. Either way, she enjoys the challenge and some of the best-selling prints have come from inspiration by clients.

Prints begin at 200 dh, paintings begin at 1500 dh. Mural prices vary.
Please visit or for samples of work and to request a free mural consultation.
+971 56326-0010

Shadow sculpture artists from Jordan


Maysoon Masalha
Bassam Al selawi

Bassam and his wife Maysoon Masalha we both studied Fine Art in there native Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and spent many years teaching art while also undertaking custom art projects and experimenting with different mediums, materials and techniques. Years spent instructing Palestinian refugee children was an important educational experience for Masalha and Al Selawi as there were terribly few material resources for creating art projects; innovation and creativity Were vital and through this experience he Sharpened their skills further.
Mashalha began to teach art at United Nations Schools for Palestinian Refugees. She considers this experience as being one of the most rewarding of her career in education as she was able to realize in a profound manner how art can have a positive influence on both her students and the community. Masalha then became an art supervisor in the UN Education Development Center where she managed a team of art teachers, staged workshops and organized public arts projects that included music as well as visual art. Joining Art Hub as Manager of Art Craft provides Masalha with the opportunity to expand her perpetual interest in encouraging others to discover the artist within while she continues to create her own artwork.


Al Selawi strongly believes that visual art is a way in which each person is able to express himself/herself in a particularly beautiful Way and that each human being has the right to practice art in spite Of the level Of talent. At Art Hub Al Selawi is able to share his experiences and understanding of art in various capacities and how working together our world can be a better place. As Manager of Applied Art, Al Selawi is responsible for the design and installations Of art commissions from decorative to practical such as furnishings.
Together with the Manager Of Art Craft, Maysoon Masalha also developed a distinctive technique for shadow sculpture and their work is On display in a dedicated gallery at Art Hub.
Both artists Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha Distinguish themselves on the art scene by creating a new and distinct technique, merging between painting, sculpture and between shadow and light, and between reality and fantasy by creating a fourth dimension to the three-dimensional sculptures.

By using Arabic calligraphy in most of the sculptures, to reflect the shadow that paints an image on the wall. Same image which consists in the mind of the recipient when reading these phrases. They used different materials and new techniques for playing in the light and the shadow.
If you take a look at one of the shadow sculptures you can be forgiven for thinking they’re some kind of installation; a beautiful carving of Arabic calligraphy mounted on the wall, a silhouette painted behind it and some drama added through the use of a spotlight.


When you realize that the spotlight is in fact casting a shadow, a shadow you may have wrongly presumed was a painted silhouette, the true ingenuity shines through. Or perhaps it doesn’t, literally speaking. ‘There are shadow artists around the world who do installations to create shadow images, but not as a wall sculpture, this concept is new… it’s their own creation.

‘We can say that our sculptures are 4D sculptures; the fourth dimension being the shadow of the words. It does reflect the same image that is printed in our mind when we read the words. Those images range from Muslim worshippers to men riding horses or camels.
The other image perhaps printed in viewers’ minds is what the price tag looks like. Each of their sculptures sells for between Dhs 500 and Dhs 1700 if it’s one of their unlimited runs of moulds. However, they also produce customized unique pieces and limited edition runs in bronze or silver and gold plating.

Exhibitions and projects:-

Solo Exhibitions

July 2013 Rosewood Abu Dhabi

February 2014 Al-Serkal Cultural Foundation

April 2014 Sofitel Abu Dhabi

June 2014 Baginiskaya Gallery, Dubai Solo Exhibition

July 2014 Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Solo Exhibition

August 2014 Pullman Dubai, Solo Exhibition

Art Fair

September 2013 Beirut Art Fair
November 2013 Abu Dhabi Art Fair
May 2014 Sikka 2014
November 2014 Abu Dhabi Art Fair


December 2013 International Art Liwa Art Hub
April 2014 Up Cycle festival Liwa Art Hub
October 2014 Memory festival Liwa Art Hub

Group exhibitions:-

September 2012 Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi
August 2013 Hyatt Capital Gate.
November 2013 Bawabat Al Sharq Mall / Abu Dhabi
December 2013 Marina Mall Abu Dhabi
September 2013 Arab Art month Art Hub
October 2013 Mexican Art month Art Hub
November 2013 Korean art month Art Hub
January 2014 France Art Month Art Hub
February 2014 Canadian Art Month Art Hub
May 2014 German Art Month Art Hub
April 2014 Scandinavian Art Month Art Hub
April 2014 Dubai Culture Authority Bay Avenue

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Art Yulia in Dubai


Hello hello, my name is Yulia .
I would like to share with everyone the beauty of nature, which I’m expressing on canvas and doing my best to express as much as I can- how is amazing the nature …
I remember my self drawing since my
childhood, the first thing that comes in my mind is drawing and painting activities every times.
At the school I having very good art results, and doing art homework for other persons in my class with happy mood 😍. My teachers , parents and friends recognizing my still hand and  encouraged me that I have a talent and used to express my feelings through my paintings.
Basic techniques of art I learned in the Art National School in Russia .
I was study for graphic , watercolor design and  draftsmanship.
Later I was  luck to apprenticed with the great master in Dubai ( thanks to hem ) and improved my skills and vision for the free art .
Since last 15 years I’m working only with oil painting and sometimes acrylic colors . When i worked many companies, I was hade less time for art work, but now I’m free for art and many many beautiful ideas in my mind …
My ambition pushed me to work on Animal World  subject . My painting takes more times and important place in my life. Creativity always helping me for each new step, and my travels gives me many ideas, sight and motivation for my artwork.
I’m  artists which Is love nature and right now my collection is growing in nature still. I wish and dream to be more and more professional about my art and be so happy to share with everyone my feelings to the beauty of nature…
 Get in touch through my Facebook page
Instagram: art.d.yulia

Jacqueline Craig French artist in Abu Dhabi

IMG_7376_sRGBJacqueline Craig is a French artist based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Her paintings feature her preferred leitmotif, the Hand of Fatima and she combines acrylics with collage and stencil work to create each painting. Her emphasis on  pattern and symbols give her work many layers and she also includes references to Arabic writing and calligraphy.

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Mobile phone: 0557262605

Email :


FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)



Bashar Haddad Arabic painter in the UAE


Bashar Haddad is an open-minded Arabic painter living in the United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi. He performed higher studies in Jordan, traveled around the world and discovered different cultures…


Following to different strong and sometimes painful life experiences he became closer to the nature realizing the value of life and finding the essential purposes of the existence, appreciating the simple things and seing time as a blessing… his personal experience led him to paint and find peace and joy in colors.

bashar Haddad only spends a month of each year on vacations, the other eleven months he deals with colors and any kind of materials… he learned to play the Arabic guitar”OUD”, carpentry and sculpture as well, this is
the way he appreciates life, enjoys, creates and learn every day, takes himself back to moments and dream of nature where his spirit belongs.


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Wilma Burton Healing artist in the UAE


Wilma Burton is a Venezuelan artist of Lebanese descend specialized in the area of Healing Art. In 2010, she moved to Abu Dhabi from Los Angeles CA where she created a studio to continue her career in the arts. In the United Arab Emirates, Wilma Burton is considered a pioneer in the field of healing art. Since her moved to the UAE, she had taken part in two art exhibits at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and the Arsh Gallery in Dubai, and a solo at the Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana. Currently, she is represented by the Etihad Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi where she has a room dedicated to her Healing Art.

She has participated in international art exhibitions such as the prestigious Casa Battlo in Barcelona, Spain in April 2013. Likewise, the artist had been commissioned in the US to create special art pieces for public figures and diplomats in Japan, England and Australia.

Wilma Burton is also an Emmy Winner TV producer/writer who dedicated her broadcasting career to community and public service with over 20 awards received in recognition of her outstanding commitment in the community affairs field.

The artist spent over 15 years researching and working in the topic of healing art which helped to learn how to create art that can ease the mind with images, and colors that are beneficial to a person’s mood. Wilma conveys the elements of nature like its beauty, tranquility and harmony to transmit that healing effect to change a person’s attitude from stress to relaxation, and from fear to inspiration.

For more information you can view my webpage at:


Arnaud Humbert French photographer in Dubai



Founded in May 2010 and based in Dubai Media City, Arnaud Humbert Photographer provides high-quality services to institutions, companies, agencies and individuals including photo shooting, advanced post-processing, photo composition design, etc…

He operates his activity through two main segments :

· Industrial Photography : with a special focus on Oil & Gas, Energy and Utilities segment ;

· Fine Art Photography.

Thanks to his industrial background and high performance equipment, Arnaud Humbert has very quickly imposed himself as the best industrial photographer in the region.

The strategy is now to focus on managing the growth and onboarding a new photographer to meet the increasing demand.

Arnaud Humbert holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and an Executive MBA. He has 12-year experience in the Oil & Gas Industry worldwide, with major E&P companies and contractors. His focus is to develop a curious, sensitive and demanding photography.


Arnaud Humbert proposes unique high-end photographic services that span the Oil & Gas and Energy chain and include :

· Photo shooting

· Photo DVD

· Multimedia reportage

· Prints

· Photo books


Arnaud Humbert Photographer is :

· Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert ;

· BOSIET certified and is directly operational for shooting offshore sites ;

· Member of the French Business Council of Dubai ;

· Member of the Singapore Business Council of Dubai ;

· Member of Shell Alumni Association ;

· Member of The Society of Petroleum Engineers.



Dubai Media City

Building n°2

2nd floor, HD n°159

PO BOX 72280

Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 (0) 50 4501041






arnaud-humbert-52                                                                                      Arnaud-humbert-42

Visual artist in Dubai


When I remember my childhood, the first thing that comes in my mind is drawing and painting activities with my parents, my brother and my sister. It was a serious work beside classic school duty. Paper, pencils and other material were available everywhere at home. Of course it was so fun when we used to compare our “masterpieces”!

At school I remember having pretty good results. My teachers, hopefully, encouraged me. While I grew up, opportunities for drawing competitions made me get trust in me. It became definitely a kind of therapy. Rather shy, I used to express my feelings through my paintings. Fortunately, people appreciated my work and often showed me that I had minimum talent to hang and keep practicing seriously. Basic techniques were necessary. I took courses in order to enhance my abilities.

Once we became adults, my sister and I decided to participate to exhibitions.
These kinds of experiences were so constructive. In December 2006 we organized an exhibition called “triangular pallet” with our mother. It will stay a memorable period.


Before this event, I participated to three exhibitions in 2005, another one in 2006 and two in 2008. My painting style evolved considerably. I slowly slipped towards acrylic technique on canvas. My ambition pushed me to work on large sizes frames. They had a large success. Today, I feel more mature; I am more convinced that painting must take an important place in my life. It is question of inward balance and ambition. I am ready to work hard in order to enhance quality of my artworks. I plan to work with special themes and create collections.

Arts and painting are still an efficient therapy whatever my life would be.




« Transparence » : exhibition at the Sofitel – February 2005

Group exhibition at palais de la culture KOUBA – mars 2005

« Harmonie » at DAR EL YAKOUT – Algeria – December 2005

Group exhibition at gallery SAMSOM Théâtre de verdure – Algeria – March 2006

« FEMME » – Solo exhibition at Asilah – Morroco –July 2007

« Éphémère »– Solo Exhibition at Lyon – France – October 2007

« Salon d’automne » January 2008

« Seul(e) » – solo exhibition Skifa HYDRA – Algeria – April 2008

« Les Femmes de la méditerranée » – Group Exhibition (Lions Club) – Tunisia – January 2009

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meriem 3