Adem Gen, Turkish artist, PH.D and professor of Art


Adem gen is a Turkish artist born in 1944. He is a Professor of Art, Ph.D and has many different degrees in his possession…

He is presently the Head of Department and Teaching Art at Beykent University, Faculty of Fine Arts.

The artist’s Statement

I think I embrace art in theory which to certain extent accommodates the communicative action of pragmatism within itself. I trust my intuition concerning how to start painting and when fully formed and I believe that it is a sophisticated procedure of emancipation of human mind. Nevertheless, I pursue the basics of concrete abstraction. I feel that the regional geography we live in has always been convenient for the abstract thought and practice and it occupied an important place throughout history in regard to formation of such universal tenderness and emotionality.

İstanbul, July 10, 2014


2008 Kare Anrt Gallery, Istanbul
2008 Istanbul Art Fair
2006 Gallery Akademist, İzmir, Turkey.
2004 Vinci Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey.
2003 Artists Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey.
2001 Garanti Art Gallery, Beyoğlu-İstanbul, Turkey.
1999 İş Bank Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey.
1988 Grifon Art Galler, Gaziosmanpaşa, Ankara,Turkey.
1998 Ilayda Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey.
1997 Yapı Kredi Art Gallery İzmir,Turkey.
1996 Yapı Kredi Art Gallery, İzmir,Turkey.
1995 State Painting and Sculpture Museum, İzmir,Turkey.
1995 Alkent Aktuel Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.
1994 Mine Art Gallery, İstanbul.
1992 Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.
1991 Lew Oliver Art Gallery, Chico/Ca., USA.
1990 Gallery Zon, Ankara.
1990 Atat¸rk Cultural Centre Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey.
1989 Gorbon Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey.
1988 Beymen Bedesten Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey.
1987 «etin EmeÁ Art Gallery, İzmir,Turkey.
1986 Garanti Art Gallery, Harbiye-Istanbul,Turkey.
1985 İş Bank Art Galley, İzmir,Turkey.
1984 Kibele Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey.
1982 German cultural Centre, İzmuir, Turkey.
1974 St. Martin’s School of Art Exhibition Hall, London, England.
1972 St. Martin’s Exhibition Hall, London, England.


2009 Sedat Simavi Painting Prize.
2000 Ankara Art Council “Artist of the Year” Award.
1996 DYO Painting Competition Award.
1990 İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Painting Competition 1st. Prize.
1987 DYO Painting Competition Award.
1986 Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) Painting Competition “Jury Special Prize”.
1986 DYO Painting Competition “Citation”.
1985 İzmir Camber of Commerce Painting Competition “Citation”.
1984 İnˆn¸ Foundation Painting Competition 1st Prize.
1983 The Stae Painting Competition Award.
1981 Painting Competition of Atat¸rk’s Image “Citation”.
1980 The Stae Painting Competition Award.
1979 DYO Resim Yarışması, Mansiyon

Sila Guven Turkish visual artist


I am a Turkish Visual Artist Sila Guven (Koc). I grow in France and graduated from University of Wolverhampton Illustration and painting Degree in UK. I am still a student at the University of Arts London on MFA Visual Arts distance learning from Istanbul, Turkey.

I worked 3 years in Istanbul as a designer and 3 years at Istasyon Art Academy as an Drawing and painting Teacher. I participated many solo and group exhibitions in my country and twice in London. I am looking for freelance Jobs.


You can see my works links below.