Abdelghani Filali Baba calligrapher from Marocco


A great artist and calligrapher who travels around the world presenting Arabic calligraphy which describes the generosity of the people of Morocco.


Abdelghani FILALI BABA, Artist impassioned by the drawing of the Arabic letter, born in Fes.
and has always been fascinated by the beautiful hand writing since his childhood.
The Arabic calligraphy exists before the Islam. Based on each style, we can find five to six derives. Notice, we can draw the twenty eight Arabic alphabet letters based on fifty thousand geometric forms. These forms used to be used by the olden architect in order to build historical monuments.
The calligraphy is an art because we say the drawing of the letter; is a science because there are technical terms. It is the writing of the culture and of the knowledge.

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