Hassan Makaremi Iranian painter and calligrapher


Psychoanalyst, painter and calligrapher, Hassan Makaremi was born in Chiraz, Iran, in 1950. Since 1983, he lives and works in France. Trained as an engineer, Hassan Makareml holds a diploma from the Polytechnic School of Teheran and the Paris « Ecole Centrale » (Central School). In his capacity as a strategic specialist, he contributes to the « Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques » (Centre for Studies in Diplomacy and Strategy’) in Paris and the Institute for Business Management in the Université Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne.


More than fifteen exhibitions of his works have been organized in France and in the United States. He has published several articles in French and Iranian Journals some of which have been compiled and published in 2005), a novel and an anthology of poetry together with his wife, « Piano played with four hands ».

khatman-300x224                                   khatgul


Ali Pasandideh Iranian calligrapher

Ali Pasandideh is an Iranian artist born in 1978. He is instructor of the Iran Calligraphers Association.
He is highly interested to be known and recognized in France. His experience is the following:


1999 : Beginning of active membership in Iran Calligraphers Association (Mashhad Branch)
2003 : Granted the Premium grade of Iran Calligraphers Association
2005 : Pass the instructor exam of Iran Calligraphers Association
(Mashhad Branch)
2007 : Beginning of teaching in Iran Calligraphers Association
(Mashhad Branch)
2008 : Secretary of the Calligraphy festival in Sarakhs
2011 : Granted the super Premium grade of Iran Calligraphers Association
2012 : Teaching a course of calligraphy in Persian Language Center,Ankara(Turkey)
The head of Iran Calligraphers Association (Sarakhs Branch)for a year and a half
Member of Iran Development of Art Institute
The Masters : Ali Jaferi , Alireza Kadkhodaei


A Number Of Collective Exhibitions :
2002 . Tehran . The Second International Islamic world Calligraphers (Art Cultural Center)
2002 .Tehran . The fourth cultural and artistic festival “Tarigh-e Javid” (Tehran University)
2003 . Sari (Iran) . The second great Calligraphy festival of the north of Iran
(Helal Ahmar Auditorium)
2003 . Mashhad (Iran) . The first cultural and artistic festival of Imam Reza
(Khorasan’s International Exhibition)
2004 . Mashhad . The first Calligraphy festival (Imam Reza’s Cultural and Artistic Complex)
2005 . Mashhad . The first Ramazan’s festival (Khorasan’s International Fair)
2005 . Mashhad . The first festival of Paradise City (Behesht Art House)
* Success in obtaining the first place in Nastaligh competition in this festival
2006 . Mashhad . Mim-e khatam Calligraphy festival,Iran Calligraphers Association (Mashhad Branch)
2008 . Mashhad . The second Calligraphy festival (Imam Reza’s Cultural and Artistic Complex)
2008 . Sarakhs (Iran) . Calligraphy festival of Sarakhs (Srakhs Culture and Islamic Guidance Department)
2008 . Karachi (Pakistan) . Exhibition of Mashhad Calligraphers (20 works)
2010 . Ghazvin (Iran) . Iran’s first biennial international Calligraphy festival(Amir Kabir Culture House)
2010 . Mashhad . Mashhad Calligraphers Association Members and instructors presentation (Mirak Art Gallery)
2011 . Yazd (Iran) . The ninth Calligraphy festival of Rezvan
2014 . Ankara (Turkey) . Zafar Charshysi Exhibition Hall


Individual Exhibitions :
2004 . Mashhad . « Ketabathay-e Qurani » . Mirak Art Gallery
2004 . Gorgan (Iran) . « Quran-e Majid » . Fakhr al-Din Asad Gorgani’s Auditorium
2007 . Mashhad . « Iran Zamin » . Mashhad University Jahad’s Culture House
2007 . Sarakhs . « Kakh-e Erfan » . Iran Calligraphers Association (Sarakhs Branch)
2010 . Mashhad . « Negarineha » . Mirak Art Gallery
2010 . Mashhad . « Mehregan » . Mashhad University Jahad’s Culture House
2012 . Ankara (Turkey) . Persian Language Center
2013 . Ankara (Turkey) . Zafar Charshysi Exhibition Hall
2014 . Mashhad . « Ansoy-e Rang » . Tavan Yaban complexes
2014 . Mashhad . « Dochar » . Soltanali Mashhadi Gallery

Contact details:

Web : http://www.alipasandideh.com/
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ali-Pasandideh/496235160399762
Google+ : https://plus.google.com/100265129475805242938/posts?hl=ens
LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=249563765&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile


Shahla Armin Iranian painter

Shahlah Armin is born in Teheran (Iran) and has 25 years experience in the artistic field.


She performed 8 solo/ individual exhibitions( one exhibition about stone painting in Tehran (2010)) and many group exhibition in Iran and abroad.The Teheran contemporary art museum, Teheran municipality, the bank Pasargard,Niyaran cultural centre and private buyers have purchased her art.. one of her work is presented in the Cite des Arts in paris as well !


exhibition in France (Paris)
2004- exhibition at the Municipaity of Paris 6
2007-exhibition in the gallery Cite internationale des arts Paris
2006 – 2007 selected 2 times for exhibition in Washington


1996 Tehran contemporary art museum biannual
1998-Tehran contemporary art museum biannual
2006 Tehran contemporary art museum
2006-workshop of Tehran contemporary art museum
2006- the fourth international painting biannual
2007-participated at expo niyavaran art center
2007- participated at Iranian spring Tehran museum of contemporary
2007-the Big Sale of paintings and sculptures-Fine Art Gallery, Sadabad cultural historic complex
2008-the 7th national biennual of Iranian contemporary Saba cultural & artistic institute
2008-the great painting exhibition society of Iranian painters
2007&2008-participated at the greatest art show of the year
and another exhibitions professional with groups in Tehran
2008- Participated in groups exhibition Niyavaran art
2009-participated at art expo in Tehran
2010-solo exhibition at Aria stone painting
2014 -house of Iranian artists in Tehran
2014-with art collect Iran -Qasr Museum Tehran Iran
2014-group exhibition house of Iranian artists sacred secrets

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Persian artist Roya Mohit



Roya Mohit is a Persian artist born in Tehran in 1963.

She learns the Art of Persian Miniature with the famous Ostaad Ahmari. After her arrival in Paris, she pursues her Art tinting the Persian traditional Art of a Western look. Her last masterpieces are portraits on pebbles using acrylic paint and mineral colors.


The accessories are in gold leaf. “I love the pebbles, their shapes, the simplicity of their lines and their raw colors. I admire them, assemble them. Their shapes remind me of clouds which we admire from the grass, unique pieces. By dint of admiration, they take shapes fed by our imagination..


. Shapes of faces! I am inspired by their uniqueness to give them life. Their curves are the only limits to the outlines of their faces. Their shapes reflect their history, that I keep immortal from the tip of my brush. These pebbles represent nature, essential element to the Persian Art. Nature becomes the canvas. Pebbles have a soul.

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