Welcome to Annoncesgolfe ART BLOG .

ANNONCES GOLFE is a directory and ads platform for the French expatriates living on the Gulf countries

We are looking for local or expatriates artists who are  living in the Gulf  countries region, Middle East and all the Muslim Arab/Persian world : UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrein, Iran,  Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Maghreb.

The aim is to create a cross-cultural bridge in the Oriental World increasing the visibility between artists of these countries and among the French-speaking people and the whole expatriates community in the whole region.

Oriental artists from these countries but living in US/Europe are accepted as well.

We are looking for : Artists, painters,photographers, writers, poets, art exhibitions owners, sand art, street art, truck art, handicraft or painting projects …get a free publication on this blog .

Send us your presentation text and three pictures

We thank our partner Michel Seiller the owner of the showcase VITRINART (France ) who created a platform featuring portfolios representing fine or visual artists from all over the world.


Some of the artists presented on this blog have been selected and featured in the Vitrinart Arab World category.

Portfolio Amira Al Sharif photographer from Yemen


Portfolio Amira Al Sharif photographer from Yemen