UAE murals, American artist in Abu Dhabi


Maria Hegedus is an American artist who has been living in Abu Dhabi, UAE since March 2013.

In the States, Maria painted murals for small businesses and residential clients as well. Upon moving to UAE, she decided to pursue not only a mural business, but to focus on fine art paintings and affordable prints as well.

She has completed several large-scale murals in Abu Dhabi ranging from residential villas, private schools, and most publicly – Dalma Mall, Mussafah. She has exhibited with Abu Dhabi Art Hub for American Art Month in July 2013, and displayed in ADNEC as well.

Murals will always be a passion, but canvases and prints make wonderful “souvenirs” for expats living here, or locals who are proud of their country’s culture.


Many expats purchase commissioned paintings and prints to send family at home, or to enjoy themselves as a memory of UAE that will last a lifetime! Maria enjoys using acrylic and adding touches of gold leaf to some paintings. Watercolor is another wonderful medium she enjoys and was truly her “first love” when it comes to art! She enjoys commissioned pieces and finds it very rewarding to work closely with a client to make their vision of art come to life! Some clients know EXACTLY what they want – others only offer a vague emotion or subject matter. Either way, she enjoys the challenge and some of the best-selling prints have come from inspiration by clients.

Prints begin at 200 dh, paintings begin at 1500 dh. Mural prices vary.
Please visit or for samples of work and to request a free mural consultation.
+971 56326-0010

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