Authentic Handcrafted Exquisite Mouth Blown from Bahrein



We the Malek family, welcome you to be introduced to FG Lighthouse. I’m Fahmy Malek the
Founder and President of FG Lighthouse Egypt & Bahrain, and my wife Amani is my Partner,
Vice President and the company main Designer who has through long hours evolved the
Blown Glass designs and collection throughout the years. We set up the company in 1997.
Our Vision:
Our vision is & has always been to present a product that is a combination of the old unique
fabulous detailed antique craftsmanship coupled with all the new scientific researches, as a
chemist and having found out, the deadly and poisonous effects of Lead Oxide which is found
in crystals, in most colors & plating materials, this lead me to search for the purest, safest
colors & plating that would be ABSOLUTELY LEAD FREE.; thus enabling our master pieces not
only to be decorative pieces which by far they are but also extremely safe for using.

We only use “Pyrex” glass

Thus our product
DOES NOT ONLY LOOK GORGEOUS, but it is also fully & totally safe for daily
usage. One other thing we worked on, the idea of drinking out of heavy glasses is definitely of the past.
The main features of our product :

-Each piece is Mouth blown, shaped by hand, engraved, etched by hand or internally fluted, brush colored by hand & plated by hand.

-Very light weight yet very durable as it is made out of Pyrex glass.

-Very safe usage, all the materials used are 100% Lead FREE

-Each piece is a master piece, a collector’s piece no 2 pieces are identical, they just can’t be.

-Gorgeous on table & while serving.

-More than 65 designs, endless colors & exceptional plating.(12/16 Karat Yellow Gold &/or Platinum)

-Colors plating are roasted at very high temperatures so they last for very long days& becomes part of the legacy left from one generation to the next.

It is our sincere belief that building a business is all about people and products and FG
Lighthouse is a proof of that. It hasn’t all been easy but it has always been great fun.
We like to thinkwe have had the foresight and been blessed to have been surrounded by
some great people who have shared and pursued our vision for this fabulous company.
Today FG Lighthouse is a successful organization with a very strong brand and product
portfolio represented across many different categories and markets globally. However what
has not changed over the years is the core value of believing passionately in what we do
which is at the heart of our business.

To get in touch please contact Mr Fahmy Malek

Fahmy Malek (Mr.)
President & Partner
FG Lighthouse
Authentic Handcrafted
Exquisite Mouth Blown
Glass Collection
Gallery #95
Gold City, Government Ave.,
Kingdom of Bahrain

& Youtube

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