Persian artist Roya Mohit



Roya Mohit is a Persian artist born in Tehran in 1963.

She learns the Art of Persian Miniature with the famous Ostaad Ahmari. After her arrival in Paris, she pursues her Art tinting the Persian traditional Art of a Western look. Her last masterpieces are portraits on pebbles using acrylic paint and mineral colors.


The accessories are in gold leaf. “I love the pebbles, their shapes, the simplicity of their lines and their raw colors. I admire them, assemble them. Their shapes remind me of clouds which we admire from the grass, unique pieces. By dint of admiration, they take shapes fed by our imagination..


. Shapes of faces! I am inspired by their uniqueness to give them life. Their curves are the only limits to the outlines of their faces. Their shapes reflect their history, that I keep immortal from the tip of my brush. These pebbles represent nature, essential element to the Persian Art. Nature becomes the canvas. Pebbles have a soul.

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