Mohsen Hejazi painter from Iran


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Abdelghani Filali Baba calligrapher from Marocco


A great artist and calligrapher who travels around the world presenting Arabic calligraphy which describes the generosity of the people of Morocco.


Abdelghani FILALI BABA, Artist impassioned by the drawing of the Arabic letter, born in Fes.
and has always been fascinated by the beautiful hand writing since his childhood.
The Arabic calligraphy exists before the Islam. Based on each style, we can find five to six derives. Notice, we can draw the twenty eight Arabic alphabet letters based on fifty thousand geometric forms. These forms used to be used by the olden architect in order to build historical monuments.
The calligraphy is an art because we say the drawing of the letter; is a science because there are technical terms. It is the writing of the culture and of the knowledge.

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Ali Pasandideh Iranian calligrapher

Ali Pasandideh is an Iranian artist born in 1978. He is instructor of the Iran Calligraphers Association.
He is highly interested to be known and recognized in France. His experience is the following:


1999 : Beginning of active membership in Iran Calligraphers Association (Mashhad Branch)
2003 : Granted the Premium grade of Iran Calligraphers Association
2005 : Pass the instructor exam of Iran Calligraphers Association
(Mashhad Branch)
2007 : Beginning of teaching in Iran Calligraphers Association
(Mashhad Branch)
2008 : Secretary of the Calligraphy festival in Sarakhs
2011 : Granted the super Premium grade of Iran Calligraphers Association
2012 : Teaching a course of calligraphy in Persian Language Center,Ankara(Turkey)
The head of Iran Calligraphers Association (Sarakhs Branch)for a year and a half
Member of Iran Development of Art Institute
The Masters : Ali Jaferi , Alireza Kadkhodaei


A Number Of Collective Exhibitions :
2002 . Tehran . The Second International Islamic world Calligraphers (Art Cultural Center)
2002 .Tehran . The fourth cultural and artistic festival “Tarigh-e Javid” (Tehran University)
2003 . Sari (Iran) . The second great Calligraphy festival of the north of Iran
(Helal Ahmar Auditorium)
2003 . Mashhad (Iran) . The first cultural and artistic festival of Imam Reza
(Khorasan’s International Exhibition)
2004 . Mashhad . The first Calligraphy festival (Imam Reza’s Cultural and Artistic Complex)
2005 . Mashhad . The first Ramazan’s festival (Khorasan’s International Fair)
2005 . Mashhad . The first festival of Paradise City (Behesht Art House)
* Success in obtaining the first place in Nastaligh competition in this festival
2006 . Mashhad . Mim-e khatam Calligraphy festival,Iran Calligraphers Association (Mashhad Branch)
2008 . Mashhad . The second Calligraphy festival (Imam Reza’s Cultural and Artistic Complex)
2008 . Sarakhs (Iran) . Calligraphy festival of Sarakhs (Srakhs Culture and Islamic Guidance Department)
2008 . Karachi (Pakistan) . Exhibition of Mashhad Calligraphers (20 works)
2010 . Ghazvin (Iran) . Iran’s first biennial international Calligraphy festival(Amir Kabir Culture House)
2010 . Mashhad . Mashhad Calligraphers Association Members and instructors presentation (Mirak Art Gallery)
2011 . Yazd (Iran) . The ninth Calligraphy festival of Rezvan
2014 . Ankara (Turkey) . Zafar Charshysi Exhibition Hall


Individual Exhibitions :
2004 . Mashhad . « Ketabathay-e Qurani » . Mirak Art Gallery
2004 . Gorgan (Iran) . « Quran-e Majid » . Fakhr al-Din Asad Gorgani’s Auditorium
2007 . Mashhad . « Iran Zamin » . Mashhad University Jahad’s Culture House
2007 . Sarakhs . « Kakh-e Erfan » . Iran Calligraphers Association (Sarakhs Branch)
2010 . Mashhad . « Negarineha » . Mirak Art Gallery
2010 . Mashhad . « Mehregan » . Mashhad University Jahad’s Culture House
2012 . Ankara (Turkey) . Persian Language Center
2013 . Ankara (Turkey) . Zafar Charshysi Exhibition Hall
2014 . Mashhad . « Ansoy-e Rang » . Tavan Yaban complexes
2014 . Mashhad . « Dochar » . Soltanali Mashhadi Gallery

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