Alouane, art and craft services in Dubai


Eleonore graduated from Paris Art University, major in interior design and minor in Design. Her goal and passion is to touch people through shapes and colours.This is why Eleonore created Alouane which means colours in Arabic.Alouane shows and share creativity and emotions through various Art pieces and graphic design.

Through the art and craft services Alouane proposes some photographs of Dubai and Paris to decorate your interior.The pictures are printed on canvas to reveal the sensibility of the subject.


As a second step, Alouane is also specialize in graphic design : Eleonore is happy to design for you the perfect birth announcement for your new born baby, a wedding card, a nice invitation for your kid’s birthday, your farewell or any party. she design as well business cards, logos, flyers…

Alouane create for you , all your designs or ideas.

So we hope you will like what you see and see what you like!



Eleonore Camaret



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