Asma Chaouch Tunisian painter


Asma Chaouch is born in 1979 in Tunisia.
She started her fine arts studies in 1997 at a university level in Tunis, followed by training experience and
worked as a theater actress and hostess for several TV show.

From 2006 on she has discontinued to work in the artistic field in order to experience different other directions but in the beginning of 2014 she restarted her involvement in the artistic world.
Painting is a permanent research in itself, where it is constantly experiencing a new path

email :
mobile : 00216 53 52 54 22



Wilma Burton Healing artist in the UAE


Wilma Burton is a Venezuelan artist of Lebanese descend specialized in the area of Healing Art. In 2010, she moved to Abu Dhabi from Los Angeles CA where she created a studio to continue her career in the arts. In the United Arab Emirates, Wilma Burton is considered a pioneer in the field of healing art. Since her moved to the UAE, she had taken part in two art exhibits at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and the Arsh Gallery in Dubai, and a solo at the Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana. Currently, she is represented by the Etihad Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi where she has a room dedicated to her Healing Art.

She has participated in international art exhibitions such as the prestigious Casa Battlo in Barcelona, Spain in April 2013. Likewise, the artist had been commissioned in the US to create special art pieces for public figures and diplomats in Japan, England and Australia.

Wilma Burton is also an Emmy Winner TV producer/writer who dedicated her broadcasting career to community and public service with over 20 awards received in recognition of her outstanding commitment in the community affairs field.

The artist spent over 15 years researching and working in the topic of healing art which helped to learn how to create art that can ease the mind with images, and colors that are beneficial to a person’s mood. Wilma conveys the elements of nature like its beauty, tranquility and harmony to transmit that healing effect to change a person’s attitude from stress to relaxation, and from fear to inspiration.

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Photos et Vidéos Panoramiques aux Emirats Arabes Unis.

Ingénieur en Systèmes d’information, je suis un grand passionné de photos et vidéos panoramiques. Capturer un instant sans être limité par l’angle de vue nous rend maitres de la vision. Affichés sur un support numérique, les panoramas offrent des perspectives intéressantes en terme de communications car l’utilisateur peut contrôler totalement l’angle de la photo ou de la vidéo. Les visites virtuelles (ensemble de photos panoramiques reliées les unes aux autre et contenant des informations sur la scène affichée) et les vidéos panoramiques d’évènements (concerts, inaugurations) sont de plus en plus demandées par les agences immobilières et les sociétés de communication et d’évènementiels.


Mon site internet propose quelques uns de mes travaux aux Emirats Arabe Unis.

visitez et visionnez les différents

panoramas.(cliquez et glissez afin de contrôler l’angle de vue).

Aimez la page Facebook et restez

informé de me futures réalisations.

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Feth-Allah Dehmani

Mobile : +971 5 67 052 899

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Burj Khalifa Miror

Artiste peintre et speed painter à Dubai

cathy 111

Tout d’abord artiste chorégraphiste, éclairagiste de spectacle puis artiste peintre, c’est avec une certaine, mais particulière logique que j’ai ajouté depuis 3 ans le statut de “speed painter” à mon parcours.
Résidant depuis 6 ans à Dubai, mes toiles -particulièrement sur le thème des voitures- ont été exposées dans divers lieux prestigieux. Les attentes de speed painting sont très variées, du motif peint à l’envers découvert au dernier moment sur une ou deux toiles en 4 à 10 minutes, à la reproduction en deux heures ou plus d’un sujet traité à l’huile de façon traditionnelle. Sur une scène, concentration de rigueur, la musique fait partie de moi et la gestuelle, du show.

Et, à chaque fois, le défi, l’adrénaline et mes pinceaux sont au rendez-vous, pour mon plus grand plaisir…
Pour contacter Cathy à Dubai

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Email :

tel : +971 50 950 17 99

Alouane, art and craft services in Dubai


Eleonore graduated from Paris Art University, major in interior design and minor in Design. Her goal and passion is to touch people through shapes and colours.This is why Eleonore created Alouane which means colours in Arabic.Alouane shows and share creativity and emotions through various Art pieces and graphic design.

Through the art and craft services Alouane proposes some photographs of Dubai and Paris to decorate your interior.The pictures are printed on canvas to reveal the sensibility of the subject.


As a second step, Alouane is also specialize in graphic design : Eleonore is happy to design for you the perfect birth announcement for your new born baby, a wedding card, a nice invitation for your kid’s birthday, your farewell or any party. she design as well business cards, logos, flyers…

Alouane create for you , all your designs or ideas.

So we hope you will like what you see and see what you like!



Eleonore Camaret


Catamaran The Tan 66 Dubai

4. Tan 66 Back

Xavier Bouin, founder of the Tan Brand and Marc Van Peteghem from the famous VPLP architectural office, imagined and created a new type of exclusive catamaran, the Tan 66.

« The Tan 66 was designed to sail at a very high speed with great ease. It’s an innovative catamaran built entirely of carbon fiber for more speed and strength.

2. Tan 66

Tan 66 will be built at the Marsaudon Composite shipyard based in France. The yard is famous for its unique know-how and excellent workmanship in carbon composite material.

Amazing performance, great design, easy manoeuvring, luxury and elegance, Tan 66 is more than an exceptional catamaran, Tan 66 is Unique ».
5. Tan 66 Dubai - copie

Ajmal the calligrapher in Dubai

Ajmal is a freelance calligrapher in Dubai providing calligraphy services to his clients. English and Arabic calligraphy is available. He recently started to engrave calligraphy on perfume bottles and luxury items dealing with GUERLAIN; PARIS GALLERY, CHRISTIAN DIOR and Grand Stores at Dubai Mall.


His services are the following:


-Traditional arabic calligraphy

-Calligraphy Logos

-Creative calligraphy

-Calligraphy painting

-events and conferences

-English calligraphy



Some examples

183346_1735123251287_5086733_n burj-2eps




Arnaud Humbert French photographer in Dubai



Founded in May 2010 and based in Dubai Media City, Arnaud Humbert Photographer provides high-quality services to institutions, companies, agencies and individuals including photo shooting, advanced post-processing, photo composition design, etc…

He operates his activity through two main segments :

· Industrial Photography : with a special focus on Oil & Gas, Energy and Utilities segment ;

· Fine Art Photography.

Thanks to his industrial background and high performance equipment, Arnaud Humbert has very quickly imposed himself as the best industrial photographer in the region.

The strategy is now to focus on managing the growth and onboarding a new photographer to meet the increasing demand.

Arnaud Humbert holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and an Executive MBA. He has 12-year experience in the Oil & Gas Industry worldwide, with major E&P companies and contractors. His focus is to develop a curious, sensitive and demanding photography.


Arnaud Humbert proposes unique high-end photographic services that span the Oil & Gas and Energy chain and include :

· Photo shooting

· Photo DVD

· Multimedia reportage

· Prints

· Photo books


Arnaud Humbert Photographer is :

· Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert ;

· BOSIET certified and is directly operational for shooting offshore sites ;

· Member of the French Business Council of Dubai ;

· Member of the Singapore Business Council of Dubai ;

· Member of Shell Alumni Association ;

· Member of The Society of Petroleum Engineers.



Dubai Media City

Building n°2

2nd floor, HD n°159

PO BOX 72280

Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 (0) 50 4501041






arnaud-humbert-52                                                                                      Arnaud-humbert-42


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Our collaboration is under a concept of a friendly step trying to create a cross-cultural bridge in the oriental artistic world, we are giving the opportunities to unknown artists to be known abroad.

We are looking for local or expatriates artists living in the Persian or Arabic Gulf region, Middle East and surroundings

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Participate in helping us to present the artistic potential of the region.Artists, painters,photographers, writers, art exhibitions owners, sand art, street art, truck art, poets,handicraft or painting projects …get a publication on the website in order to be known among the French expats community of the Gulf countries and in Europe as well.
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Pic. portfolio Almira Al Sharif photographer from Yemen