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Our collaboration is under a concept of a friendly step trying to create a cross-cultural bridge in the oriental artistic world, we are giving the opportunities to unknown artists to be known abroad.

We are looking for local or expatriates artists living in the Persian or Arabic Gulf region, Middle East and surroundings

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrein,Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan, Jordan,Lebanon,Syria,Egypt,Turkey and Maghreb.


Participate in helping us to present the artistic potential of the region.Artists, painters,photographers, writers, art exhibitions owners, sand art, street art, truck art, poets,handicraft or painting projects …get a publication on the website in order to be known among the French expats community of the Gulf countries and in Europe as well.
amira-alsharif-photo_by_amira_alsharif_301Pic. portfolio Almira Al Sharif photographer from Yemen your presentation text and 2 pictures joint to the following address:


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Mr Michel Seiller is the owner of the virtual gallery VITRINART . The showcase VITRINART represents the fine or visual artists from all over the world. Vitrinart is a set of several websites devoted to art living art professional. (Linkedin-Facebook-Google-Twitter-Viadeo +15 others website…)



Pic. portfolio Almira Al Sharif photographer from Yemen

Persian artist Roya Mohit



Roya Mohit is a Persian artist born in Tehran in 1963.

She learns the Art of Persian Miniature with the famous Ostaad Ahmari. After her arrival in Paris, she pursues her Art tinting the Persian traditional Art of a Western look. Her last masterpieces are portraits on pebbles using acrylic paint and mineral colors.


The accessories are in gold leaf. “I love the pebbles, their shapes, the simplicity of their lines and their raw colors. I admire them, assemble them. Their shapes remind me of clouds which we admire from the grass, unique pieces. By dint of admiration, they take shapes fed by our imagination..


. Shapes of faces! I am inspired by their uniqueness to give them life. Their curves are the only limits to the outlines of their faces. Their shapes reflect their history, that I keep immortal from the tip of my brush. These pebbles represent nature, essential element to the Persian Art. Nature becomes the canvas. Pebbles have a soul.

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Visual artist in Dubai


When I remember my childhood, the first thing that comes in my mind is drawing and painting activities with my parents, my brother and my sister. It was a serious work beside classic school duty. Paper, pencils and other material were available everywhere at home. Of course it was so fun when we used to compare our “masterpieces”!

At school I remember having pretty good results. My teachers, hopefully, encouraged me. While I grew up, opportunities for drawing competitions made me get trust in me. It became definitely a kind of therapy. Rather shy, I used to express my feelings through my paintings. Fortunately, people appreciated my work and often showed me that I had minimum talent to hang and keep practicing seriously. Basic techniques were necessary. I took courses in order to enhance my abilities.

Once we became adults, my sister and I decided to participate to exhibitions.
These kinds of experiences were so constructive. In December 2006 we organized an exhibition called “triangular pallet” with our mother. It will stay a memorable period.


Before this event, I participated to three exhibitions in 2005, another one in 2006 and two in 2008. My painting style evolved considerably. I slowly slipped towards acrylic technique on canvas. My ambition pushed me to work on large sizes frames. They had a large success. Today, I feel more mature; I am more convinced that painting must take an important place in my life. It is question of inward balance and ambition. I am ready to work hard in order to enhance quality of my artworks. I plan to work with special themes and create collections.

Arts and painting are still an efficient therapy whatever my life would be.




« Transparence » : exhibition at the Sofitel – February 2005

Group exhibition at palais de la culture KOUBA – mars 2005

« Harmonie » at DAR EL YAKOUT – Algeria – December 2005

Group exhibition at gallery SAMSOM Théâtre de verdure – Algeria – March 2006

« FEMME » – Solo exhibition at Asilah – Morroco –July 2007

« Éphémère »– Solo Exhibition at Lyon – France – October 2007

« Salon d’automne » January 2008

« Seul(e) » – solo exhibition Skifa HYDRA – Algeria – April 2008

« Les Femmes de la méditerranée » – Group Exhibition (Lions Club) – Tunisia – January 2009

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meriem 3

Shadow sculpture artists from Jordan


Maysoon Masalha
Bassam Al selawi

Bassam and his wife Maysoon Masalha we both studied Fine Art in there native Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and spent many years teaching art while also undertaking custom art projects and experimenting with different mediums, materials and techniques. Years spent instructing Palestinian refugee children was an important educational experience for Masalha and Al Selawi as there were terribly few material resources for creating art projects; innovation and creativity Were vital and through this experience he Sharpened their skills further.
Mashalha began to teach art at United Nations Schools for Palestinian Refugees. She considers this experience as being one of the most rewarding of her career in education as she was able to realize in a profound manner how art can have a positive influence on both her students and the community. Masalha then became an art supervisor in the UN Education Development Center where she managed a team of art teachers, staged workshops and organized public arts projects that included music as well as visual art. Joining Art Hub as Manager of Art Craft provides Masalha with the opportunity to expand her perpetual interest in encouraging others to discover the artist within while she continues to create her own artwork.


Al Selawi strongly believes that visual art is a way in which each person is able to express himself/herself in a particularly beautiful Way and that each human being has the right to practice art in spite Of the level Of talent. At Art Hub Al Selawi is able to share his experiences and understanding of art in various capacities and how working together our world can be a better place. As Manager of Applied Art, Al Selawi is responsible for the design and installations Of art commissions from decorative to practical such as furnishings.
Together with the Manager Of Art Craft, Maysoon Masalha also developed a distinctive technique for shadow sculpture and their work is On display in a dedicated gallery at Art Hub.
Both artists Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha Distinguish themselves on the art scene by creating a new and distinct technique, merging between painting, sculpture and between shadow and light, and between reality and fantasy by creating a fourth dimension to the three-dimensional sculptures.

By using Arabic calligraphy in most of the sculptures, to reflect the shadow that paints an image on the wall. Same image which consists in the mind of the recipient when reading these phrases. They used different materials and new techniques for playing in the light and the shadow.
If you take a look at one of the shadow sculptures you can be forgiven for thinking they’re some kind of installation; a beautiful carving of Arabic calligraphy mounted on the wall, a silhouette painted behind it and some drama added through the use of a spotlight.


When you realize that the spotlight is in fact casting a shadow, a shadow you may have wrongly presumed was a painted silhouette, the true ingenuity shines through. Or perhaps it doesn’t, literally speaking. ‘There are shadow artists around the world who do installations to create shadow images, but not as a wall sculpture, this concept is new… it’s their own creation.

‘We can say that our sculptures are 4D sculptures; the fourth dimension being the shadow of the words. It does reflect the same image that is printed in our mind when we read the words. Those images range from Muslim worshippers to men riding horses or camels.
The other image perhaps printed in viewers’ minds is what the price tag looks like. Each of their sculptures sells for between Dhs 500 and Dhs 1700 if it’s one of their unlimited runs of moulds. However, they also produce customized unique pieces and limited edition runs in bronze or silver and gold plating.

Exhibitions and projects:-

Solo Exhibitions

July 2013 Rosewood Abu Dhabi

February 2014 Al-Serkal Cultural Foundation

April 2014 Sofitel Abu Dhabi

June 2014 Baginiskaya Gallery, Dubai Solo Exhibition

July 2014 Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Solo Exhibition

August 2014 Pullman Dubai, Solo Exhibition

Art Fair

September 2013 Beirut Art Fair
November 2013 Abu Dhabi Art Fair
May 2014 Sikka 2014
November 2014 Abu Dhabi Art Fair


December 2013 International Art Liwa Art Hub
April 2014 Up Cycle festival Liwa Art Hub
October 2014 Memory festival Liwa Art Hub

Group exhibitions:-

September 2012 Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi
August 2013 Hyatt Capital Gate.
November 2013 Bawabat Al Sharq Mall / Abu Dhabi
December 2013 Marina Mall Abu Dhabi
September 2013 Arab Art month Art Hub
October 2013 Mexican Art month Art Hub
November 2013 Korean art month Art Hub
January 2014 France Art Month Art Hub
February 2014 Canadian Art Month Art Hub
May 2014 German Art Month Art Hub
April 2014 Scandinavian Art Month Art Hub
April 2014 Dubai Culture Authority Bay Avenue

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HELENE DAVID-CUNY French photographer Middle East

Verticality - Kuwait

Colors of the world

Hélène David-Cuny
A random photographer

Working as an archaeologist, French graphist Hélène David-Cuny has a chance since many years to travel throughout the Middle East and experience unusual facettes of the countries she stops by. From Iraq to Yemen, Syria to Oman, Egypt to India, Kuwait to the UAE, Soudan to Vietnam, she takes photos ‘as they come’, without a predetermined project. Landscape, people, architecture, urban life, nature, abstract composition, colour or black and white, anything is good to demonstrate that the world has too many things to say to limit oneself to a restricted field. No need for the photographer to add her own words, pictures talk by themselves.
Magical Mountain - Oman
She has exhibited at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (2009 and 2010, and published 5 books since 2012 (available throught theweb

Natural architecture - Sudan

Contact :

Palestinian camp - Jordan

Assil Diab Graphic Designer and Graffiti artist in Qatar


Born in Bucharest, Romania in 1988, Assil Diab aka Sudalove is a 26-year-old Graphic Designer and Graffiti artist. Originally from Sudan, Assil has been living in Qatar for around 20 years (since 1995). She attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQatar) where she doubled majored in Fashion & Graphics Design for two years then transferred to VCU in Richmond, Virginia where she focused on Graphics Design and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2011 while finishing school in the United States. Assil currently is a full time freelance designer and a graffiti artist. In the recent years, Assil has developed an interest and skill in graffiti art and as a result, started painting graffiti on clothing, hats, shoes, offices, houses and much more. In 2012 She has joined internationally known French-Tunisian artists, El Seed, in a calligrafitti project in the Salwa Road where she helped paint 52 panels in 4 tunnels – the largest graffiti project in the Middle East. She has been teaching the Art of Graffiti for 2 years at the Arts and Crafts Center in Doha. She’s worked as a creative/graphic designer at Al Jazeera Children’s Channel, Qatar Red Crescent, Supreme Council of Family Affairs and freelanced with Qatar Olympic Committee (Q22), Purple Falcon Multimedia, 60 degrees, SDI Marketing and various well-reputed companies in Qatar and elsewhere.

picture assil
Instagram: @sudalove
Twitter: Sudalove203


Laila Sahrai afghani Fine Arts artist

Laila Sahrai

Laila Sahrai is a Fine Arts artist born in Kabul/Afghanistan in 1975. She is living in Germany.


2002 – 2007 Study of Fine Arts (Painting, drawing, Graphic) on the “Academy of Visual arts” in Enschede/NL

Since 2007 Free Artist


Since 1999 continuous exhibitions on National level Publications (extract) –
Aki Eindexamenkatalogus 2007 (NL 2007) -Sahrai Malereien & Zeichnungen (Leipzig/Köln 2010) –
Künstlerische Vielfalt in Leipzig, eine Dokumentation (Leipzig 2013) –
International Contemporary Artists Vol. VIII ( New York, USA 2014)


Websites with her works:



Anjum Rana presenting the tribal Pakistani Truck Art

The exuberant and flamboyant style Pakistani Truck Art is a legitimate and distinct folk art, which represents the values and aspirations of vast majorities of ordinary truck drivers and artists especially from the mountainous tribal areas in the Northern part of the country.

anjum 12

Anjum Rana represents the new Pakistani woman entrepreneurial and creative with an eye for the extraordinary in ordinary everyday life. She has made it her goal to bring this art into the mainstream, into our homes, and give it the recognition it so richly deserves.
anjum picture
anjum 6

It is this discerning eye that has always made her appreciate what most of us dismiss or even ridicule or take for granted at best.

Anjum Rana has employed master truck painters and directs them in painting their richly textured motifs on everyday objects such as kettles, lanterns, oil-lamps, boxes garden furniture, walls, fans and object d’art.

anjum 4

Many of these painters were giving up this art due to a lack of patronage as modern photo-printed advertisements on buses and vans become more popular. Some Master Artisans were unable to continue painting since climbing these buses becomes physically challenging due to age. Now, they are able to paint and train apprentices due to this new arena developed by Tribal Truck Arts initiative.

anjum 8

The team conducts workshops where painters demonstrate on board and the students attending the workshop then copy the work on objects .This is done with mostly children above the age of 15 years and above.



Rana anjum explains to them what each motif means and its significance in truck art while the painters walk around and show each person how to paint in this unique form .



in Glasgow ,London,Santa Fe, Amman, Beirut, Kolkotta ,Chennai , Delhi , Jaipur .Recently held shows in Jakarta ,Indonesia ,promoted by Pakistan Embassy Indonesia and Unesco

Below pictures taken in Indonesia





Tribal truck art was featured in MEA, inflight magazine for three months in 2012.

The Royal family of Jordan was very encouraging and we had many orders to paint over furniture and other items for them .

Tribal Truck can perform any kind of art from the wall painting to the Christmas decorations


Jean Francois Lesage a famous Parisian embroiderer ordered five types of figures to be made in steel and reflector tape which is another art form used in decorating trucks , We got a message from Christian Loubiton that he was very happy to see the pieces .

anjum 1


This wonderful, handmade, one-of-a kind item is an example of truck art rooted in our cultural tradition. Tribal Truck Art has made a positive impact on the life of the artists and their families.

We at Tribal Truck Art hope that you will give us the opportunity to show truck art as an art form as well as a vehicle for positive change.
The mission of Tribal Truck Art is to foster economic and cultural sustainability for truck artists and truck art worldwide, and to create intercultural exchange opportunities that unite the people of the world.

Get in touch for any proposal…

In 2015 the team was performing in Paris check the link


tel in Pakistan 00923008265388
or 00922135854304